120 Colour Eye Shadow Palette Make Up Kit Set #02

“I love, love, love this new eye shadow palette. The colours are fantastic – there’s a variety so even if you don’t use them all together, it’s a great palette for achieving different looks. And also the new formula is so much better – the colour stays on and is really true to how it looks in the palette.”

“I have this eyeshadow¬† and it’s the only palette I need for day and night. The colours blend wonderfully to create a subtle daytime look or a dramatic smoky eye for night. The finish is long- lasting and the shadows don’t irritate my sensitive eyes. Can’t say anything negative about this product – I love it!”

120 Colour Eye Shadow Palette Make Up Kit Set #01

The palette holds 120 eye shadow shades that let you experiment with office-appropriate neutrals, summertime bronzy looks or sultry smokiness. This stunning palette is boxed in a matte black case!

“I’m so glad I’ve finally got my hands on this- as a neutrals lover I’m thrilled to have so many shades. With this palette you can create fantastic night looks as well as more subtle looks for the day. This is well worth the money considering how much you get.”

120 Colour Eye Shadow Palette Make Up Kit Set #03

This stunning palette of 120 eyeshadows will provide you with every colour of eyeshadow you will ever need to take you through every colour trend for every season.
Set in a black case, colours include white, beige, taupe, lilac, silver, grey, brown, blue, purple, pink, sage, green. This sleek slim case will fit in any suitcase for your holidays and is also perfect for sitting on your dressing table. You can now experiment with all those colours you never dared try before with the satisfaction of having your old favourites there as well.

Special Cheap Offer on Left 4 Dead 2 Game for PC and XBOX

Being a huge fan of zombies and a huge fan of the original Left 4 Dead, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this baby. The amount of different types of game can be staggering (single player, offline CO-OP, campaign, scavenge and survival) but there’s enough in there so that if you don’t like all of it, you’ll still find enough to do to keep the interest.

The characters in the original L4D were all well and good, and I’ve heard some people moan about how they didn’t like the way these new characters; Nick, Rochelle, Ellis and Coach, didn’t seem to get on. This isn’t exactly true – the more you play the game, the more new dialogue you’re presented with showing the characters’ relationships to one another. Nick has issues with Ellis, who occasionally takes a shot back at Nick, but Ellis gets on great with Coach, who treats Rochelle like a little sister, who is almost flirtatious with Nick. They’re really interesting, funny characters with much better voice acting than the first, and I personally can’t get enough of them.

The campaigns in the game are linked by a lightweight story of the four trying to get from A to B to be rescued. Do not hold any misconceptions about L4D2 – there’s not meant to be a backstory. The goings on and character build up are cleverly presented to you in the world around you; all you have to do is simply look. Read the graffiti. Listen to the characters, it’s all there. It’s a zombie apocalypse, what more do you need?

Gameplay is fun though if you don’t have a Gold LIVE account (for XBox users) don’t even bother buying it because you’ll need one to access 80% of the game, including the new downloadable campaign called “The Passing”, which is due out in Spring of this year (and is meant to cross the new and old survivors which should be interesting).

I think the only problem I’ve had is the people online that I’ve come across. There are some real idiots on the versus/scavenge games who take things far, far too seriously. In this case, I would find friends to play with, or go on a forum where you can meet decent people before you add them.

Even if you haven’t played the first, it’s a fun, intense, gory, silly game that will make you laugh, jump, freak out and have a great time. Especially if you find a frying pan.

The Chimp Paradox: The Mind Management Programme to Help You Achieve Success, Confidence and Happiness

A brilliant book to help you get the most out of yourself!

The Chimp Paradox: The Mind Management Programme to Help You Achieve Success, Confidence and Happiness
I bought this book for two reasons, the first being a flirtation with depression a couple of years ago which has left me very curious about my own mental health, the second was that I’d heard Dr Peters talking about his work with Team Sky cyclists (I’m a big cycle sports fan). I’ve read the book in a period when I would describe my mental health as being good, so I’ve used it not to cure myself but to find techniques to look after myself.
The basic model that Dr Peters uses is that of us thinking of ourselves as having three brains: an intelligent human brain, a survivalist emotional chimp brain and a functional computer brain. It’s an easy to grasp the concept. Using this simple idea the book takes you through the different functions of each brain, their uses, strength and weaknesses and teaches you how to spot when each brain is dominating and how to decide whether that’s an appropriate way to behave. It shows how the three brains interact, which is stronger etc, and how to manage this. The hoped-for result is that you are better able to achieve the things you wish for and are more relaxed, balanced and happy in your own skin.

It works.

I’m prompted to write this review after a week or so practising the techniques on a day to day basis. So far two huge benefits have been clear. The first is that I’ve been able to concentrate on my work far more easily, my human takes over for the day with my chimp knowing he’ll get some quality time later. There’s more balance in my life. The second benefit is that I have already overcome a problem I’ve had for years which is social anxiety. Last night, using techniques in the book, I went out and interacted in a relaxed and confident way without a nagging/show off/selfish/frightened chimp taking over as a survival strategy. I can’t remember a better evening with people. These are major break troughs for me.

So I will recommend this book to two types of people: If you’re struggling with yourself, maybe you’ve experienced mental health problems in the past or are now, buy this book. Like CBT it helps you observe and manage your mind but is simple enough to carry around with you in your head as you go about your day. The other group I’d recommend it to is everybody else! It’s a friendly guide to your mind and I’m sure that there’s something in there for anybody to use. If you’re sceptical (or worse cynical) about these types of books, and I understand how the concept of an inner chimp might sound silly or flippant, trust me that I am one of your numbers and I was wrong to be. If Team Sky never win the Tour de France I’m very grateful that my admiration for them led me to this fantastic book.